18. Do I need to make a Will for my Turkey property?

18) Do I need to make a Will for my Turkey property?

Most foreign property owners are not aware that they may need a Will to be drawn up for their property purchase in Turkey. A Will is required to ensure the trouble-free transition of property title deeds to their chosen benefactors.

A solicitor is not essential for this task as an experienced sworn translator is sufficient and more economical.  It can be written up easily to take care of basic concerns, such as leaving a home to your loved ones. 

If one should pass away without a Turkish will in place indicating who they wish to inherit their assets, the property may be held by the Turkish government and any heir(s) may need to take legal action to prove their right to claim these assets.


While a foreign Will does provide evidence supporting this case, it can be a long process involving much bureaucracy and red tape. 

By making a will in Turkey you are over-riding the automatic set of laws and ensuring that the person or persons you wish to inherit your property can successfully claim ownership and avoid other parties from inheriting.

In order to make a Will you must be physically present in Turkey.  The document should first be drafted by the sworn translator after which it must be notarised in the notary office.

In cases where the property is owned by more than one person, each party must draw up a separate Will.


The procedure is simple and the Will is completed at the local notary by the sworn translator. The cost of this service including notary fees is approximately 800 GBP.

The statements written in the questions & answers section guide relate to any land or property purchased by a non-Turkish national such as apartments, flats, villas, beach front homes, stone-built village property, holiday complex property, investment rental property with or without swimming pools, gardens or access to beaches.