1. What is the process of buying property in Turkey?
1) What is the process of buying property in Turkey?

Thankfully buying a property in Turkey from Ellyhan is a quick, safe and straight forward process. There are a few simple steps to follow and some rules to take into account, but the most important decision to make when investing in property in Turkey is, to take the journey with people you can trust.


· Arrange an inspection trip/visit or reserve some time from your holiday to view suitable properties of your choice with the guidance of our local sales professional
· Continue viewing properties until a definite decision has been made on your dream home
· Discuss fully and agree on the terms and conditions of the purchase
· Sign a sales contract detailing your agreed terms and pay the deposit fee of 2,000 GBP to secure your chosen property at the price agreed (deductable from the total cost)
· If needed, furniture, house wares, white goods and textiles can be chosen for your new home

*At this point you may continue your holiday or travel home and await news from us regarding the progress of the sale*

After your return home Ellyhan will be:

· Applying for the obligatory military checks for your property purchase to continue (these checks are made to confirm that your property is not located within a military zone where foreign ownership is prohibited)
· Arranging for the paper work relating to the property purchase, including the approval from the Military, to be sent to the title deeds (TAPU) office
· Arranging the transfer of the title deeds of the property into your name once they have been authorised by the TAPU office (this is usually when your final balance of payments is payable to the seller together with the 4% stamp duty)
· Informing the local council office of the new ownership of the property and transfer of title deeds (TAPU) for future annual council tax payments


A sales contract drawn up by Ellyhan is an essential tool for the success of a land or property purchase in Turkey. The sales contract ensures the legal protection of both parties and shows that all necessary matters have been discussed and agreed for the duration of the purchase process.


Appointing Ellyhan and giving Power of Attorney is recommended to ensure the safe and smooth processing of the purchase of land or property in Turkey. The process of giving Power of Attorney to an appointed agent in Turkey takes no more than a couple of hours but must be notarised at the notary office.

When Ellyhan have been appointed with Power of attorney they are able to do many useful things on behalf of the buyer:

· Draw up an agreed sales contract between the seller and buyer
· Payment, schedules and payment method, organisation and management
· Apply for re-connection of utilities such as water and electricity to the property
· Apply for military checks to the Municipality for the sale to complete
· Apply for a Turkish current or savings account to be opened for the purchaser

Ellyhan will check the title deeds (TAPU) of the property and ensure that:

· The seller is the person stated on the deeds and has permission to sell
· There are no outstanding charges or bills relating to the property
· Necessary building permissions and licences for the property have been obtained

*Please note that by giving a solicitor or agent Power of Attorney you are not giving them any legal claim over your property. The title deeds (TAPU) will be registered in the buyers name only*


There are several standard expenses that every buyer should expect to pay during the property purchase process in Turkey:

Non-refundable cash deposit payment payable on signing of sales contract 2,000 GBP

Charge for military check to the Municipality payable at the time of title deed (TAPU) exchange 400 - 900 GBP

Stamp Duty payable after completion 4%

Electricity and water re-connection payable after completion 150 - 300 GBP

Notary fee and other costs payable at time of notarisation 90 - 120 GBP

The statements written in the questions & answers section guide relate to any land or property purchased by a non-Turkish national such as apartments, flats, villas, beach front homes, stone-built village property, holiday complex property, investment rental property with or without swimming pools, gardens or access to beaches.