4. Should I use a solicitor for my property purchase in Turkey?

4) Should I use a solicitor for my property purchase in Turkey?

Luckily the legal services in Turkey are reasonably priced and a good English speaking solicitor can be found locally to assist in the purchase of any land or foreign investment property.

Generally speaking the financial investment for any land or property purchase will be a significant amount and although not compulsory, it is advisable to employ a solicitor to oversee the whole process. A solicitor can advise the buyer on any legal matters and assemble the necessary information about the property which may be of importance such as:

• Whether a property has been correctly built with the necessary certificates
• Who already owns the property and if all bills and taxes are paid up to date
• The official records of the property at the TAPU land registration office
• Transferring of funds between buyer and seller for the purchase

The statements written in the questions & answers section guide relate to any land or property purchased by a non-Turkish national such as apartments, flats, villas, beach front homes, stone-built village property, holiday complex property, investment rental property with or without swimming pools, gardens or access to beaches.