3. Where and what type of property can foreigners buy?

3) Where and what type of property can foreigners buy?

The previously stated foreigners, who are from reciprocal countries in regards to property purchase, can buy property in Turkey in zones under an Implementary Development Plan or a Local Development Plan for use as a residential or commercial property.

There are, however, FORBIDDEN ZONES where foreign nationals cannot buy land or property such as military, strategic and security areas. The Council of Ministers may also add areas to this restriction for preservation purposes such as land that may be important for energy, agriculture, mining, historical importance, biological or environmental reasons.

The TAPU office of land registration will check all purchase applications from foreign purchasers to ascertain whether the land or property is in a restricted or forbidden zone before issuing the deeds.

This process of checking that the desired land or property is outside a restricted or forbidden zone may take the TAPU office of land registration some time so noting the full details of who is dealing with the application and from which office is advised.

There are SIZE RESTRICTIONS as to how much land a foreign national can purchase in Turkey. Currently this amount is a maximum of 2.5 hectares (25,000m2). This amount may be increased to 30 hectares (30,000m2) with government approval.

The Council of Ministers, who implements a town development plan, restricts foreign purchase of land or property to a maximum 10% of the total land area. This ratio can be lowered according to the town’s infrastructure, economy, environment, agriculture and social factors.

Construction Law 3194 states you may erect a building on land owned providing:

• It is in agreement with the current plans and regulations
• Authorised planning permission documents are received from the local authority

If the land owned is within Municipal boundaries the said Municipal can approve the construction. However, if the land falls outside the Municipal boundaries authorisation from the Provincial Governors Office (Valilik) is required.

No building permission will be authorised on common lands such as parks, fields or roads.

We recommend any prospective buyer of land and property in Turkey to check the:

• Turkish Constitution
• Relevant provisions of the Civil Code
• Title Deeds Act
• Foreign Direct Investments Act

The statements written in the questions & answers section guide relate to any land or property purchased by a non-Turkish national such as apartments, flats, villas, beach front homes, stone-built village property, holiday complex property, investment rental property with or without swimming pools, gardens or access to beaches.